Curb appeal is a buzz word in real estate. We often talk about it, save pins on Pinterest about cheap ways to add it, and note that first impressions are oh-so important. But when it comes to actually looking at our own exteriors, we easily overlook potential deal breakers. We have found that sellers are more likely to invest in updating and enhancing the interior of their home then spending money on hardscaping and landscaping- which would easily help market their house. 

So what is the professional perspective on a home’s exterior? And is it just as important as the interior of a home? In short, yes!

It isn’t enough to have a well manicured lawn and flower beds. Buyers want homes that are move-in ready. So if your exterior needs work, buyers in Knoxville tend to head for the hills. We have seen over the busy spring and summer months that a surprisingly large number of people turn away from a home that has a beautiful interior because of the amount of work needed on the exterior. In fact, having a lack-luster backyard can also be a major reason buyers give a low-ball offer. With a steadily increasing number of people who use lawn care services, buyers are fully aware of how much expense could potentially go into making the yard appealing.

We recently saw a beautiful house sit on the market for much longer than it should have. The main reason? The yard. After consulting with local landscape experts, we found that the price tag to repair the buyer’s concerns was hefty. Removing trees, shrubs and rubbish gets expensive. Especially if special equipment is needed. It’s important to maintain your yard to avoid these expensive cleanups. Hiring a company like Seeds of Change to help maintain your yard is a great way to ensure your yard, beds, trees and shrubs are well taken care of and constantly manicured. This way, when you are ready to sell you can be sure the yard wont be a turn off to potential buyers. 

And it goes beyond the yard. Think about your roof (a major deal breaker in real estate purchases). An average roof costs upwards of ten thousand dollars.

One of the best ways to update the exterior of your home is by applying a fresh coat of paint or updating the color. However, painting the exterior of your home should be left to professionals. They can ensure you use the right products for longevity, and can have the project done in a day or two. The average cost to paint the exterior of an all siding home in Knoxville is around $5000. Professionals can often complete the project in one or two days which is pretty impressive considering the amount of time (and energy) it would take to DIY. 

There are easy ways to keep your exterior gleaming. 

We constantly add new ideas to our Curb Appeal page. But, one thing we want homeowners in East Tennessee to consider is the importance of maintaining the exterior of your home so you don’t end up having a big landscaping bill when it comes time to sell. This is especially true once summer is over, fall is a great time to sell your home in Knoxville and it can be easy for your lawn to look dingy and have an accumulation of leaves and debris. Consider over-seeding your lawn and doing an aeration treatment so you have a lush, luxurious lawn next season.